My CollabSphere session | DEV115 | Using XPages and Bootstrap tabs to build a (Monolithic) Single-Page Application (of Micro Front-Ends)

It’s been two weeks since CollabSphere but better late than never in releasing my session, right?

Once again, Richard and his team have pulled off a phenomenal event. Whether joining as an attendee or a speaker, the mechanism by which one could participate in sessions really could not be any smoother. Having presented at Collabsphere previously in person, I was thrown off initially by not being able to feel the “energy” in the room so to speak, but I quickly settled in and felt quite comfortable.


The session starts out focusing on solutions I’ve built within my organization but ends with “flexTabs” demos – a soon-to-be-released project that can make creating dynamic XPage applications easier and faster. Enjoy!

5 Comments on “My CollabSphere session | DEV115 | Using XPages and Bootstrap tabs to build a (Monolithic) Single-Page Application (of Micro Front-Ends)”

  1. Richard Moy says:

    Michael. First thanks for taking the time to present at CollabSphere. I never got into XPages so my question may seem naive. My question is why do you use iframes versus divs. Are all iframes and content cached in the browser or do you remove them as a user navigate to other tabs to save memory?

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    • Richard – It’s not at all naive and is a good question. In a “classic” single-page app, adding divs dynamically is fairly typical, and I do plenty of that on my pages as well. The reason why I use iframes as part of the tabs framework is to be able to have multiple documents or views open at the same time with their own lifecycles, variables (server or client side), etc. As a user moves back and forth between “tabs” the content is still there .. that is the point, for the user to be able to maintain content in multiple places. Once a tab is closed, the iframe element for that tab is removed from the browser. This framework has been in production for 6-7 years at this point and memory usage has yet to be an issue, even with some large DataTables in use.

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      • Richard Moy says:

        Michael, good to know. It is amazing the different ways you can build Domino-based web applications. We never got into the XPages. We have been using our iPhora SPA framework since 2009 which is currently Dojo based with JSON REST APIs. The JSON REST APIs are generated using our LotusScript-based Proviso engine.

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  2. Oleg I says:

    As always, Michael shows amazing things. When could we work with them ourselves?

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