My Session From CollabSphere 2022 | DEV107 | Building Emotionally Available XPages Applications

Session abstract:

Over the past few years, High Availability (HA) has become more and more a requirement for Web applications. Even though classic XPage development does not lend itself well to High Availability/Reverse Proxy environments, Domino XPages has plenty of tools to build modern web applications based on micro-services and APIs that DO work well in HA environments and allow developers to tap into existing back-end code and leverage data stored in Domino databases. What if your user was editing an XPage and your server goes down? Clustering alone does not solve the problem. This session will demonstrate an approach we use to add HA functionality to our clustered enterprise XPage applications to minimize user disruptions and lost work. Note: this session will NOT demonstrate how to set up HA reverse proxy servers and will focus on what happens in the front-end in the browser and the back-end in Domino.