I’m an Xpages developer┬áhoping to contribute something to the Domino/XPages community.

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  1. Ernest says:

    First, many thanks for your great work!
    I’m trying to implement bootalert in my application. So I copied the js-library, the custom control into my database. In my xsp-properties i use the theme “OneUI 3.0.2”. If I test with a simple test-xpage, I get the error $ is undefined. If I switch my application into the theme “Bootstrap” .. it works. But I’ve to use OneUI302 in my app.

    Curious: If I switch the theme in your demo-application to OneUI, it still works… Did I missed something?

    My test-example:
    New xpage, with your custom control, alertName=”testalert”
    One button (full refresh) with your ssjs:

    var o = {};
    o.title = “Server Side”;
    o.body = “This alert is being generated from ssjs”;
    o.alertType = “info”;

    Many thanks!
    Greetings Ernest


    • When $ is undefined that means jquery is not loading. I’d have to take a look at my demo app to see if I am loading jquery somewhere other than in the theme, but I doubt it. Regardless, if you are using OneUI you also need to load bootstrap and jquery for bootAlert to work. You might find running OneUI (with dojo) and bootstrap and jquery will lead to some quirky behavior.


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