Demo database from my MWLUG session

At MWLUG in August, I presented on using jQuery DataTables with XPages.  I finally got the demo database(s) I used in the presentation tidied up and ready for download.  Some additional demos have been added since MWLUG.

Better late than never, right?

Get the download here: mwlug-demos

Contents of the zip file:

datatables.nsf Contains all demo XPages, resource files, and scripts
rest.nsf Contains REST services and XAgents used by DataTables
fakenamesdemo.nsf Data source – this is the Fake Names database made available by David Leedy. Some modifications have been made for the purpose of these demos

To get the demo database working:

  • Note: I have only tested these demos on 9.0.1
  • There are hard coded links to the path xpages\mwlug.  You need to place the 3 .nsf files in that path or update the code to your desired path
  • Sign the datatables.nsf file.  If you are placing the files on a server, sign all 3 databases
  • Launch the demo.xsp XPage.  This page contains a table of contents of all the demos

I will have the demo database hosted online soon as well.

Online demos can be found here:

and I plan on adding additional demos to this database as I touch in different topics.

7 Comments on “Demo database from my MWLUG session”

  1. […] Demo database from my MWLUG session → […]


  2. Learning XPages says:

    Thanks for the demo db!, I need some assistance getting the REST examples to work. I am using Notes 9.0.1 FP4, the dbs are in xpages\mwlug, I signed them. Getting message: DataTables warning – Ajax error see


    • Sounds like the rest services are not working properly. Are you running locally or on the server? What does the response to the REST call look like in Firebug (firefox) or Developer Tools (chrome) ?


      • Learning XPages says:

        (I am working local) Looks like the REST examples work in the browser, I am using IE and they work there. They are not working for me in the Notes Client (XPINC) are they supposed to?


  3. Anil says:

    Thank you!


  4. Fatih Duranoğlu says:

    Hi Michael, Thanks for this project and Flexible View project. I have problem about rest when i run rest pages google chrome developer console give this error and data are not “Loading” how to solve this. i cant run rest services. Thanks for everythink

    POST 500 (Internal Server Error)


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