Flexible View Control for XPages Updates

On the heels of the OpenNTF Webinar where I presented the Flexible View Control for XPages, I was able to make some long-overdue updates that improve the functionality and performance of the control.

Get the code from GitHub:

Release v2020-11-17

Updates in this release:

  • Improved the setup and configuration process to make it more intuitive, including adding an option to create the default (view-definitions) View Definition automatically.
  • Fixed and improved category/sub-category creation and expansion/collapse.
  • Cleaned up the View Definition UI.
  • Added additional client sorting fields in the View Definition. There is now a total of 4 levels of client-side sorting available.
  • Fixed totals options including totaling up for each category/subcategory and showing totals in the footer.
  • Added ability to total # of rows or total the values for a column in each row.
  • Added a category renderer option to the View Definition.
  • Added a footer callback option.
  • Reduced expression language evaluations on the ccRestView custom control.
  • Added a stats component to the View object to track the performance of different aspects of the control.

The demo site has been updated with the most recent version of the control. Blog posts expanding on/demonstrating the items listed above to follow soon!

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