Bloggity, blog blog blog.

This is it.  Numero uno.  The first blog post.  The one where you sit in front of your keyboard trying to figure out exactly what you are going to say.

I plan on sharing my experience primarily with XPages, hence the name  However,  I reserve the right to branch out from that as I tinker around with other technologies.

Who am I?  I have been a Domino developer/consultant for upwards of 16 years and have been fortunate to have some great experiences at some great companies.  Currently, I’m a Senior Consultant at PSC Group focusing on (duh) XPages.

Why blog now?  Why not?  I really wish I had done this sooner – like years sooner.  With so  many people having contributed so much great information over the years, it’s easy to feel like I’m showing up at the party at 3AM and the keg is already kicked.  But I’m finding that is not necessarily the case.  Hopefully this platform will help me dig deeper into some things where I might have only  scratched the surface previously, and provide some useful information back to the community.

Many thanks to my coworkers Kathy BrownBrad Balassaitis, and Mark Roden for providing some gentle nudges of encouragement.  Also, to David Leedy who is always encouraging people to do SOMETHING productive in the Domino/XPages community, no matter how big or small it may be.  In the end, we all benefit.

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