SSJS variables vs. scope variables

Recently, I ran into a strange issue that had me scratching my head for longer than I’d care to admit.  I created a server side javascript object that contained a function, something like this:

var myVar = {
	load : function() {
		print ("performing some sort of function");

This ssjs object contained a set of functions that were used in conjunction with one another to perform various functions.

In some cases, these functions needed to grab some data from a viewScope variable, so I figured it made perfect sense to have a key name that was consistent with my ssjs object. I had a button that was setting the value like so:

viewScope.myVar = "foo";

Innocent enough, right?

According to the XPages runtime, apparently not, because I ended up with a message like this:

Error calling method 'load()' on an object of type 'String [JavaScript Object]'

OK, so what happens if we change our scope variable from viewScope to sessionScope?

sessionScope.myVar = "foo";

Same result:

Error calling method 'load()' on an object of type 'String [JavaScript Object]'

My assumption is, this has something to do with the way these objects are serialized. If someone has a better explanation, I’d love to hear it.

In the meantime, don’t give scope variable keys the same name as server side javascript variable.

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